Saturday, December 10, 2016


Thursday I decided to take a stand for myself.
After countless arguments and being scolded like a child and treated worse at my job I decided to quit.
I left.
I'm not going back.
I felt like I had to keep trying for some reason. Like I had to put myself through it.
And I don't. I don't have to put up with abuse, verbal and mental, from anyone.
It's not like the job was bad, it's just the management has no grasp on how to treat employees or handle situations that come up with people who work and interact with each other on a daily basis.
I liberated myself from a terrible situation.
I am free.
Free to do what I choose. Move, run, hide, plant myself some where else, blossom, be human, live and be happy.
I am terrified right now.
I have seriously $0. I usually have a back up plan but for the first time in my life I'm just winging it.
I keep thinking about what to say but honestly I have nothing.
I cant think of anything nice to say. I'm just not going to say anything at all.
Keep letting that guy, Eric, think that he's some kind of good dude, when really he's not.
The situation just got out of hand recently and I was basically forced to walk away because it would end up with me blowing up and spending time in prison.
No one should talk to someone else like he talked to me.
Freedom is a scary thing.

I finished the Lion.
He looks like he can hang out with the other animals.
I should really color them. Or maybe make a coloring book? I don't know.
Maybe I should work on making furry art. Get some commissions and work on Patreon. Start my porn empire.

I sent a couple of fans of the stream a sticker for Christmas. I got some pictures of them so far. I'm excited they liked them.

Pizza Ghost!!! Let him take over the world!
How exciting. =)

In the meantime I have no idea what to do.
I'm just kind of in limbo.
I guess I should work on stuff.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Zachy used Struggle. It's not very effective.

You ever feel like even though you're taking steps forward, you actually aren't making any progress at all?
Like you're on a treadmill.
I drew a robot guy walking his dog a while ago and posted it on Intsagram.
Figured I would push it to the next level.
I just had a lot of things to work out as far as style and stuff went.

So I just did a rough layer of drawing on top to kind of figure out what shapes and shit I wanted to do.

It's not finished, but it's most of the way there.
Looking to color it and texture it soon.

Also, adding another character to my hipster animals.

A lion, smoking a j and eating some pizza.

I did a little bit more drawing to add some style to him. Looking at adding Pizza Ghost to him some how, like a patch on his pants or just a reference to him on the t shirt.
There's the progress without the shit line work behind it.
I think he fits with the realm.
Thinking about coloring the whole crew and I want to do some other animals.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Adventure Shark!

Hey guys. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this shark picture before, if not! Here it is! It was a cool little thing I just doodled with marker on receipt paper.
Figured I would work on it a bit more and see what comes of it.

Started thinking about what it would be in, since it's a shark wearing this domed helmet.

So of course he's some kind of space traveling shark adventurer. With a cool gun.


So I was like, what kind of gun? Harpoon gun! DUH!!!
Hahah. Exploring what this guy should be and what he is, was pretty damn fun.
I liked working out the rough ideas and figuring out what could make this guy pretty cool overall.
Give him an aesthetic that is super appealing to my sci-fi side. Since it's so unique I was feeling that crazy Lost in Space robot with crazy noodle arms. Clamp fingers and stuff. Just old school vibes.

All we did was clean up some lines and get the overall thing looking unified.

Then we explored color and textures.

It looks pretty damn cool. Glad to mess around with stuff. Hope you enjoy it as well.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thoughts and Feelings since the last post.

I wish I would have taken my own advice from last year and did some shit that's popular from Tumblr.
I would have made some money and actually sold stuff.
But I stayed true to myself and made stuff that was emotionally satisfying to me.
I was hoping more people would jump on the wagon and support me.
I guess it's a little too far fetched. Seeing other famous comic book artists not do so well at this con was kind of uplifting. But hearing it was the worst convention they've ever done was really shitty cause this is my home. So to hear my community wasn't as supportive or up to par with others was a little disheartening.
I just kept thinking to keep making stuff that I like, and someone else, even if it's one person will like it too.
I sold a lot of stuff that I personally loved making, but just not enough to cover the costs of making it.
It's fine, I'm not bitter about it. I had a great con.
It was fun hanging out, laughing, enjoying the other artists art and perspective.
I met a lot of great people.
It was 100% worth the money. I kind of felt like not doing it again though.
Skip out next year, but if I really try this year and make stuff that's middle ground I might make some headway.
The people making money this con looked like just cheap prints. $10 11x17 prints with deals for other ones, who had 40+ images done.
So they had a huge selection with cheap deals. It looked like they were making money hand over fist.
I just don't want to take that route.
We'll see how things play out.
I'm borderline at the point of just giving up on everything again.
My laptop isn't holding up for casting on Twitch at the moment.
I can make art on it. Playing games though, it's been having a rough time managing simple tasks like running a game and capturing at the same time.
I was hoping to have a new computer already but my support online is next to null lately.
It's really just pushing me away from trying it as a career avenue.
I just feel less and less capable as time goes on.
I'm going to try to make a lot of stuff that's mashing up my favorite things with other things to keep on goal with making something for RIPT, Teefury, and Yetee.
I really just feel like a failure lately.
It was cool to make a couple of bucks at Comic Con, pay for the booth and the other fees. But it's just like, that's all. Nothing to pay myself back, just that emotional satisfaction that I did something.
Which it feels good to make the art. It feels good to go live on Twitch, to broadcast my experiences and share art.
I just feel so empty right now.
I honestly just feel like giving up on everything.
When do I really ever feel different?
I feel like a broken record.
I'm definitely broken.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stranger Things x Super Metroid

Hey there! It's Zach, again!
I'm going to talk a bit about my latest piece, Super Stranger Things.
I was browsing t-shirt designs on RedBubble, Teefury, Yetee, and Ript as per my norm, when I felt an idea come on. This idea is a conglomeration of ideas hitting around in my head over a long period of time. A friend of mine was going to enter into this Stranger Things art show that's happening here soon. I felt like I should enter too. So I started kicking around ideas. Like a character sheet for Will and his Wizard, Will the Wise. But I wasn't really feeling it. Drawing other things as well, just nothing really coming up as "the one," ya know?
Well this idea hit, and I felt like it was something cool that no one has crossed over yet. Eleven could be Samus and she could be fighting the Demogorgon like Samus fights Ridley from Metroid. Boom, the idea bridge broke loose and I was sketching all kinds of rad shit.

I went with this idea of the Super Metroid box art. I thought it was perfect. So I figured I would attempt to make it out.

Several weeks pass by and all I had was this sketch. I just kept looking at it like, "when are you going to tackle it and do it?"
I guess I was battling myself because I didn't want to attempt to make it and feel like a failure. I kept looking at successful artists with their designs and just felt like I couldn't really be up to their level. So I guess it was a lot of me mentally beating myself up and not creating it for the sake of doing it.

I finally said fuck it, I have some free time and I should just give it a go.
I got into Photoshop and got my rough drawing down pretty quickly. It was just hard t get everything in it's place.
I liked the rough though. It was really coming together and it felt legit.
Eleven totally can be the hero like Samus, I mean she was in the show, but you know? My drawing is conveying that as well.

I worked on this for a while at the tea shop and started to hit my stride when they were closing. It was rough getting home and getting back into the groove to finish it but I am glad I did. It was a blast to kick back with a beer and just bang it out.
So here it is with a dark background. I decided to stick with flat colors because I haven't quite mastered that technique of using the black spotted shading. I think I could use a few of the brushes I have to test it out to give it a texture.
But I like it flat like this, it's like a comic book cover mixed with the Super Metroid box.

It's available on RedBubble.
I think overall it's pretty cool.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Final thoughts and feelings on Twitch Con 2016

Hi, greetings, hello! This is what I recall and remember about Twitch Con 2016. It's a rather long post, and I go into detail about some stuff and brush over other things. I blame it on the alcohol.

Twitch Con 2016
What an adventure.
I've been working a lot lately. 6 days a week. Just grinding and stacking money.
I have been online with Twitch for about 3 years now and I missed last years convention by a hair. I vowed I would make this years and do my best to grow my stream.
I rented a car and drove out to San Diego.
The drive was great, but I'm fond of driving. I love the focus, and control I have while driving close to 100 MPH.
The only thing on my mind was doing my best to interact with the people I appreciate most on Twitch, streamer or follower alike.
I made it to San Diego without any issues at all. I can't believe how big the city is. The convention was on the harbor and where I was staying was North San Diego. So it was a bit of a drive everyday to get there and get home.
When I got into San Diego I was expecting to see the ocean immediately.
When I wrapped around the mountains and came into view of the city there wasn't anything to see but the rolling hills and building / homes propped up on them, which was still amazing to see.
I forgot to mention, on the drive there were some cool things I really enjoyed seeing as I passed by.
There were these huge sand dunes, with the wind blowing the ridges into the sand. It's like the Sahara desert!
Past that was a mountain, where I drove through them, and in the valley was this city buried in the trees between two mountains.
Then there was huge wind farm with massive wind turbines. These turbines were impressively massive. I was just stunned by the sight of them.
Anyways, I got to San Diego on Wednesday, a day before the actual convention to just kick back and relax.
The house is owned by a guy named Joe and he rents his room out to my friend Shawn. So since that was the case guess where I was sleeping?
On his couch with the dog Marley. We went to a local pub to get some beers and food, and to mainly just catch up. We finished the night with some boba from a spot near the pub. I got some supplies I needed like a new beard comb and some cleaning stuff. (I should have bought some gym shorts or something because sleeping in jeans sucks.)
Thursday was crazy.
I got up early and looked at what was going on at the convention center. I picked up my badge, got the starter pack with the info book and the schedule. Some decent goodies and my favorite thing. Deodorant.
Which almost every nerd needs. Hahah!!!
I met a lot of people the first day. What was cool was that most of the big casters I talked to were real. They actually took time and talked to me as if we were equals. Because we are. We're both doing the damn thing, it's just they are successful. What they did and are doing works. I need to find that.
It was nice to get a different side of them in real life. That kept me grounded in my idea that I would be able to find other people who are willing to invest time and energy into me.
You guys are definitely doing that. I love you for it. Honestly. I'm getting closer and closer everyday to being something bigger as time goes on. It's with your help that it happens.
I did a lot of walking on Thursday which caused a pain in my ankle and blisters.
The people I met up with on Thursday were:
Bacon Donut, iKasper, Scarfino, Baccus808, ThatMoustachio, BloodyFaster, The Real McCoy and Richard Hammer.
I was stoked to meet Scarfino and Richard Hammer. They are people I look up to in casting. I hope to be a success when I get partnered with Twitch. They give me hope that I can do it.
I wanted to get some Twitch merch and have something to remind of me of the time there, plus have something cool to wear, but the line was just super crazy. I figured I would try again the next day. The Twitch Purple / Black hats with the glitch were super awesome. I wanted one.
I ended up meeting up with Baccus808 and having a drink with him, Black Ice Dragon and Newtiborn. I exchanged numbers and let baccbacc know I wanted to hang out all the time anytime. He said he'd keep me in the loop. 
I didn't stay out too late but we ended up drinking and having a good time at some of the bars down by the convention center.
We had dinner at Burger Lounge. A sweet burger place that let me get my burger rare. Delicious!  Reminded me of a smaller version of Smash Burger.
We went to this place called Double Deuce. It was a country bar with a mechanical bull. I tried a Rumchata and Fireball Whiskey drink. It was pretty tasty. I hung out with Black Ice Dragon, BZPlasma and MiniDelMacho.
Friday was more of the same. Just going around and talking to people, but this time I was hanging out and watching panels. I learned a lot about how people run their streams and how they keep their community growing and basically it's all about gaining and keeping steam / momentum. Which, once you lose it, it's hard to get going again. I think I've gone through a big slump but the stream has been back on a growth spurt.
I learned about Twitch Creative. It's like the wild west of Twitch and it's an area where getting partnered is easier. But the thing is I'm not going to try to take the easy way. I need to build a solid community of people who genuinely care about me as a human.
Which relates to my goals of going to the con in the first place.
I spent a lot of time just talking to people and going to panels, learning as much I as I could about what it takes to be partnered with Twitch, or what it takes to have a great stream.
I learned that I have a really great start, and that I just need something to help me build momentum and just to keep it going.
I walked a lot that day too. Although, Friday gave me an opprotunity to get drunk with Scarfino and the crew. I met Danotage, JWillNuhh, aMuskyFart and AoD_Insane. These dudes are beard-tacular. I can't remember but we met up at the Whiskey House and then went to another spot after that. Then we got kicked out and we decided to go eat.
We got in line for this place called Brian's. It's a 24 hour diner type place that's actually kind of small. We had a group of 12 people. The lady was really nice and figured out how to get us all sitting together.
More than half the group I didn't know, and it seemed like they didn't want to get o know me at all.
A girl was wearing an Alaskan Savage tee and I was like, "Hey I like your shirt. Sav is a great dude." 
The girl looked at me and got offended and gave me a look while saying, "Pfft, OK?"
The bitch was rude and super drunk, she kept falling asleep at the table and the people kept telling her she can't sleep there. I just kept kicking the table and jolting her awake. It was kind of sickeningly satisfying.
She was with these two guys who were holding each other the whole time we were walking. I thought it was a bit weird but when I was sitting with these guys I just saw they were trashed. Which, one guy ended up almost puking all over the place, got kicked out and puked on the street.
Everyone ate and then popped into an uber, leaving me standing there like WTF!?
I had to figure out where I was, then get to the parking garage and get home. The drive home was at least 40 mins.
I walked around downtown for a while, got my bearings and finally got home at like 4:40 AM. Slept as much as I could and got back at the convention center at 11 AM.
I went to check out the merch line again. I tried on a sweater and basically was like, yeah... I want one. The line was insane though, and everything was mostly sold out. The only thing that was really going on was Scarfino's meet and greet.
So I hung out on the expo floor chatting with people and hanging out. I saw a couple of panels that talked about what it's like to stream with shitty internet. You guys know my plight and struggle.
I talked with the artists at the artist alley too. A lot of them didn't stream, they were just contacted by the event coordinator and were asked to sit in. I thought that was pretty cool. I mean, they sold really good video game art. So it was natural they be there.
Just a fusion of my two favorite things. I was at home chatting with them and hanging out.
The meetup with Scar was awesome. I finally met Moses526 and I met a lot of other people. There were plans to hangout and chill at Scars hotel patio area and drink later that night, so I was pretty excited.
I went by the merch line and it was dead empty. I picked up a glitch pillow and asked about the materials, will there be a stock of the sweat shirts and hats, what not, they informed me that if I got there early in the AM I could possibly get something like a sweat shirt or a hat.
What I liked most about that day was the roast. They roasted djWHEAT who is a big part of Twitch. He's usually the main guy on stage. It was pretty funny. Learned more about the SourKoolaidShow, DP is the guy who handled the roasting and he was pretty funny.
I can't remember what day it was but there was the talent show too and I found out who Jeff Leach was. He's hilarious and he casts on twitch too.
Twitch Con Party
Mini, BIDragon and I headed over to the Twitch Con Party where we just hung out and watched some famous streamers play Heroes of the Storm. After that they opened the field which had a full bar, two VIP sections and a huge main stage.
That's when we got separated and I ended up hanging out with Scar and the crew. I was really anxious though. Being out in that open area with all those people kind of make me crazy. Too much. Like, sensory overload. Scar let me use his VIP wristband to get some free beer and it kind of cut the edge off but honestly I felt like shit. I walked around from group to group just trying to distract myself from the anxiety of being out there like that.
With it being my last day at the con, and nothing really planned I got up early and headed straight to the merch line. It was still crazy but I told myself to just get a sweatshirt and it'll be worth it.
It took 2 hours, and as we neared ever so close to the ordering booth everything was slowly selling out to nothing. I felt really lucky to get an XL Twitch reversible hoodie.
I sat in on a panel that talked about comedy and your channel. Jeff Leach, DP and MVGame were there. As well as FutureManGaming, who I instantly wanted to follow. It was really good. There was a full range and spectrum of jokes and comedy, from actual jokes, and just riffing off of the shit the game gives you. 
I ended up in the Kappa Theater the rest of the day watching the last of everything at Twitch Con.
I met up with FrailElement and just relaxed. There was a lot going on at the main stage so leaving to do anything else was just not worth.
I watched this Aussie win the video game challenge thing that started a while back. ezekiel_III was a total riot to watch as he and iKasper messed around with these two guys trying to with the PJSalt trophy. The closing ceremony was cool. SO much had happened during the con that it was really good to get a recap.
Amazon purchased Twitch and now they have the Prime link to your account, where you get Amazon Prime you get a free sub and some access to games for free. I think it's pretty cool. I'm thinking about signing up again, I haven't used it since my student prime expired.
I went to eat with Aussie Lisa, Mini and Aussies dude. We had Korean BBQ.
What an overall awesome experience. I had a blast hanging out with them and sharing good food. We uberd a ride back to the con and I ended up at the whiskey house with Scar, FrailElement, Moses, Swift_sh0t, a_tiny_fox, aMuskyFart, goodknightmarcy, nelstar, sogaeon, so many people.. I actually can't remember everyone. We drank them out of liquor and we ended up at this pizza spot down the street, where they were pissed that we walked in. They looked like they were about to close and would only let us order full pies. We ordered like 10 pizzas. It was overall really awesome to hang out like that.
I slept as much as I could and rolled out on Monday. Driving home was bittersweet.
When I got back into AZ I felt a sense of belonging and it felt as if it was welcoming me home. The combination of music and emotions just made me cry. I was happy to be alive for once. I was happy I could be myself around these people and they accepted me as a part of the family.

Then I come back to being a guy who works at a tea shop.
Just another cog in the wheel. Not only that but I come back to drama which somehow I'm at the center of, even though I was gone.
I can't believe this life sometimes. I'm doing my best to keep my head held high while I weather this shit at work.
I'm actually fed up, but I need the job if I want a car.
Once I get a car I can move along to better things, maybe even a better place.

October 9

It seems I'm working on a lot of stuff but nothing is done so posting it is just taking forever.
I'm writing a story about a girl who finds a mans journal and she falls in love with him, but the thing is, he committed suicide. So she loves someone who is no longer here. It's kind of cool.

I finished my 'politics' piece, "We Are FUTURE"

I love the icons in this piece. I'm glad I was able to finish it. I think it's pretty clean and the style is there. I'd love to put stickers of this stuff everywhere or see it on a clothing line. I'm already working on a part two of this piece.

I think it looks good on a shirt too. But if I had the ability to do it, I'd put things differently, like move the vultures to the collar, move the pyramid closer to the top of the chest, and move the gas mask flies to the sleeves.

You can buy it by clicking right here. =)

I'm also writing about my experiences with Twitch Con 2016.
And that has turned into a huge thing.

There's a lot going on with me right now emotionally.
I just feel like shit coming back to reality.
Coming back to being this guy who works at a tea shop. Under paid, not appreciated and treated like trash.
On Friday, my manager was just being unbearable. He was just nitpicking everything I was doing. I just kept feeling like, dude I've been gone for a week and I'm out of the groove. It takes time to get back up to par.
Also, I just keep thinking about December and how I need to make a life changing decisions. Do I stay in Tucson or do I go somewhere else?

I got stickers on the way for Tucson Comic Con. It cost me about $260 bucks but we got a ton of stickers. 20 big and 20 small of 14 different designs.
I can't wait to see how successful they will be.
I'm also working on those OverWatch sprays, with little time left I'm worried I wont have a lot of them to sell.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Werk Werk werk wkerkwerkwerkwekrwkerwkerkwerwekrwkerwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerk

here's some progress on We Are FUTURE piece I'm working on.
I got some stuff done. Working on getting a composition down and colors and everything. But there's stuff so far.
Here's something I find pretty interesting and I'll be working this into a tshirt design that I will submit to TeeFury, RIPT, Yetee, etc etc.
It's a Metroid x Stranger Things design and I'm super excited about the idea and fleshing it out more and more as I go on.
So the topmost one is the rough idea, and then today I redrew it again to get things more solid. Working more and more as time comes to pass before the con.
I'm leaving for soon for San Diego. I'm very relieved to go on vacation and check out Twitch Con.
When I get back it's time to grind for Tucson Comic Con.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

eh. what are you gonna do?

Overwatch sprays are working out pretty well.
they are quick and fun to spray. Cutting out the stencils tho. That part sucks asshole.
I'm still not sure how many to create. I guess we'll just make a couple of each and see if it's too much or what.

Still have a lot to cut out and create.
Got a lot of the other art I wanted printed out for stencils too.

Made some cool rough ideas for cat stickers.
Feel like they were solid designs. Felt strongly towards making them something.

The cats came out really good. I can't wait to get them stickerized and stuff for Con.
A lot of people really liked watching me create them on and were asking when they'd be available. I guess they wanted to buy some right away.
I'm looking at having them at the con only, then posting them online afterwards.
It's good to have some exclusivity.

Here's an ASTRO-Shark Explorer. Some kind of rough idea of something that seemed really cool to make. 

Here's a little something I'm putting together- Just something weird in my mind.
I've been liking this grubby gas mask fly and the video camera vulture.
Decided to use an old drawing from a while ago to tie it all together.
It's a rough draft in process at the moment.

Oh, I started an instagram. You can find me by searching ZachyMassacre I'm sure.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fuck? I guess.

I love all this talk about hard work paying off. I guess I'm just sad that all this work has been going down but it feels like I'm in a hole.
I just keep working, get depressed about how I can't make it what I envisioned, then feel bad. Take time to recover. Rinse repeat. Trying to make it happen. Trying to be the best version of my inner self everyday but it's getting harder and harder.
How do people live to 80+ years old?
How did people just make it through those hard times like the cold war, the great depression, the atomic bomb?
How do we keep finding reasons to keep trying?
Everyday I am finding at least, at minimum, ONE reason to keep trying.
And it's enough. Shockingly.

I deactivated my Facebook account.
I feel like it's more of a negative influence in my life than anything else.
I used to have it as a way to keep up with people I cared about.
But realizing that it's not a tool for that anymore. It seems invasive and manipulative. Hiding certain posts, or straight up not showing you stuff, even based off of your preferences.
I just feel better not having it.

I started an Instagram though. I'm trying to make more art daily and it's a good way to show off those rough designs and shit!
Twitter has been a way for me to reach out to people who seem to care.
Although lately it feels just as barren as Facebook and REAL LIFE.

I read something earlier, "I want free wifi at my tombstone so at least more people will visit and stick around."
It's sad that I'm at this point in my life where when I was young, I was extremely social and had a lot of people to hang out with, but now I have nothing.
I wonder if it's about how I alienate myself. But honestly I don't want to force myself or my shit on anyone so I just keep to myself.
I even try making new friends but I guess I come off as some kind of rapist.
A girl gave me her phone number and I told her I was interested in talking to her about her stories and art, but she took that as me trying to fuck her, I guess? and told me she wasn't interested in hanging out because my intention wasn't clear.
I was just confused.
How does,
"Hey I like that art and creative writing stuff we talked about when we met. Art and creative writing is interesting to me, tell me more about it." 
sound like, 
"Hey you're a girl and I'm a guy, we should push our genitals together. Oh I don't care if you're in a relationship or what values you have, or even what you look like, or even who you are as a person because we just met." 
 I just felt this, "Not everyone wants to fuck you lady. Get over yourself."

ANYWAYS fuck my personal life. It's absolute trash right now.
Aside from trying to make friends I'm trying to also find a significant human I like to spend my time with that is of the female sex.
It's been going horribly. A person I like or liked I had been talking to for a long while finally decided to cross some barriers with me which meant that we might actually start dating instead of just texting each other.
But this person ghosted me.
Straight up 100% poof.
Well, not exactly. Here let me explain. We had finally set up a date and plans to meet. It was all good, and I was excited because I like her.
I don't mind that she's a single mom. Or that she ignored me for a couple of months while she was sleeping with some other guy.
That shit didn't matter- although while it was happening it sucked because wtf man.
I just wondered what made me good enough now lol. And I guess that was the concern going into it. I felt like it was going to happen where she would ghost me like before.
Anyways I'm waiting for her to show up and I'm like oh, it's not going to happen. And as its happening it's the shittiest feeling ever. Like I'll never be good enough.
But the issue is that I am good enough. It's not me in these situations. It's the other person and their ego? or their perceptions? or what I don't know.
I am honestly getting tired of putting myself out there.

I'm a good dude, put into some shitty situations, coming back from them with less and less of myself.

I just need to make art. Just make art and just make art.
But I have emotions and shit that need to be quelled.
Art is a good thing but it doesn't satisfy everything for me.

Twitch Con is a go. I got the car rental all prepared and my Con Badge in hand. I'm stoked to take some time to myself and hang out on the beach. I think it will be a nice getaway.
Tucson Comic Con after that in NOV. Getting the stencils cut and painted slowly.
When I get back from Twitch Con I'll get my stickers printed.
Woo woo!!
Thanks for reading. See ya soon.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Bear and Tiger Stickers.

Tonight I wanted to get down on some Tiger and Bear action.
I was recently crying because life is hard and I felt like a weeping bear.
So I wanted to make a piece reflecting that. I've always loved this picture I saw of a crying tiger and took to that as inspiration.

Here's the roughs I did for them. Really liked it. Loved the idea of linking the two with the eye patches.

Drew it a couple of times and got a feel for it. Loved the idea of making it symmetrical to minimize work.
So it carried over into the base of the image.
I liked it a lot, only having to complete half of the image and then flip it over.
Now that the flat shapes were done all I wanted to do then was add the details of the tiger.
So there was about the finished piece. I started working on the bear to see if it would work out. The bear wasn't exactly symmetrical but I worked it out no problem. I followed the same routine above with the tiger and finished the bear pretty quickly.