Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's ramping up.

This has been a pretty productive weekend.
I'm satisfied.
I came to some realizations. I broke through some barriers.
I walked through some parts I should have been running and ran through some parts I should have walked.
I stopped, smelled the flowers and the garbage. I took it in. I meditated.
It's been pretty nice.
One of the coolest breakthroughs was when I finally just threw my hands up and understood why I felt so hopeless.
A ship doesn't sink because of the water around it. It sinks because of the water on the inside.
If I keep letting the shit on the outside destroy everything on the inside, it's no wonder we end up feeling like garbage.
What this means for me is that I've been letting the toxicity of people around me really seep in and take hold of my internal voice and opinions.
The thing with this realization is, HOW could I have let this person get to me?
I just can't answer why.. They hold no power over me, or what happens in my life. Even though they may think they do, with the bullshit they pull at work. IE: Lying about my performance, or the way I do things.
I finally can just let the shit roll off my back.
Saturn Returns isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm learning so much about how to be. JUST BE.
I'm working on everything and setting it up to be something sustainable. I'm creating my foundation of the life I want. AND through all that I was being poisoned by some ignorant dyke (not exaggerating on that one either...).

I used to worry every day... But now I got better things. =)

I got some shit worked out with using Square to take payments during Tucson Comic-Con
I set up an inventory of my shirts to keep track of sales.
Working on some stuff to sell individually to kind of get something to everyone at any price point.

I'll have a couple of drawings- They'll be hand drawn images of custom Zachy "fan-art" on little pieces of paper. 
They're little square pieces that are drawn in ink from the originals which were done in pencil.
They'll be limited to this con only and in small quantities.

The works are:
Undertale fan-art, Sans and The Protagonist
Pokemon, Bulbasaur and Charizard
Mega Man
Samus Aran
Inkling Girl
Rick & Morty: Morty "stars in your eyes"
*** maybe a Resident Evil *** William Berkin? He was my favorite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Went to get my shirts printed.
Could only get 1 solid color printed.
$330 dollars later, I left with the hope that my 50, single color, screen printed t's will be OK and good enough for Comic-Con.
The guy was a fucking asshole to me. "I'm trying to make YOU money."
Fucking prick, telling me, "Why do you artists come in here with no money expecting so much?"
Um. I told you it was my first time ever doing something like this, I have ZERO experience with it. This is why I'm asking questions.

Working on that Cheech & Chong piece.
It's coming along.
Got a Rick & Morty piece too. It needs more developing.
I also have this other one from Legend of Zelda
K. I'm going to fuck off and die now. =)