Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Day of the Summer Term

Hey guys. Today is a late start for me and my summer term. I'm excited about these classes I'm taking this term. I've been really torn about just dropping the ones that don't count for graduating but I feel like I'll need them for my career.
So I'll just stick it out with the 5 classes I'm taking and just hope for the best. :3
Those are some drawings I did the last few days. I've been playing Pokemon and watching TV, being a fucking lazy bum.
I made a plan to follow in order to get some work done. It took me all summer break to find out what I wanted to practice and I've listened to how my mind is hollering for things to get done.
I want to work on rotoscoping something, an animal in movement.
I want to do some kinetic typography.
I want to do a cool little turtle image for t-shirts that will probably end up on my RedBubble site.
I want to do some backgrounds for Kodiak and Liam.
I don't feel like a total bum this break though. I was super stressed with school so it was cool to just unwind and relax for once.
I did some reading. I read 300, Batman: Year One, some of Watchmen, and some of The Extraordinary League of Gentleman.
I've been through Bruce Timm's "Naughty and Nice" book like 400 times. Trying to get a good sense of how he captures women. I like his style.
I'm excited for this comic book class. It's the history of comics and graphic novels.
In Year One there's some drawings from David Mazzucchelli and it shows a drawing he did as a kid.
it reminds me so much of my TMNT drawing when I was younger... I felt... So inspired. We all come from humble beginnings. It shows that hard work pays off. Just gotta stick to it and get a good sense of style going on.
Anyways, about Year One... I had no idea that Gordon was such a fucking bad ass. He fucking champed it out when dealing with the corrupt commissioner. I didn't know Batman worked with Dent before though ? I guess Batman needed to get his information some where, so it makes sense.
The page where Batman drops in on the commissioners party and tells them no one's safe... DOPE!
He's a fuckin' champ.

Also, this is weird to me, but awesome. People have been asking me to do like, professional work for them. I'm flattered and honored to be asked. I have yet to do anything though... The stuff I need to learn first before I can really do anything will be next term- for like 3D animation.
I guess we'll see.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only one week left of break.

I've been playing some video games.
I felt guilty so I just sat down and felt that like, an hour and a half of drawing might make me feel better, and it totally does!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Here's some shit I drew today for a bit.
Working on rocks. Feeling okay about them.
Cool. See ya.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Controller Study = Success!

I did a quick study on cardboard with some oils today. Spent about an hour or so working on it. Set up a still life of some controllers I had in the closet.
There's my shitty landscape. (which is why I did the controller study... It'll help with some points...)
Oh, and my maquette that I finished. Cool.
The term is over. Feeling good about it. More art to come soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh, good idea!

My painting palette at the end of the term. The final image is the bottom of it, after I cleaned the top. It's well used. I'm glad I spent the dollar on a cheap picture frame. Held up all term and looked cool when I finished.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Almost done

Here's my landscape painting. I tried to mimic the impressionists painters of the past.
I don't know if I like it or not. But it's what I'm turning in so.... Bleh. =b

Baked my maquette. Riding home with it in my arms was a bit stressful. He wobbled loose when I got home and the propoxy lost its grip on him when I baked him. So I have to reapply some before I spray him down. Pics to come later.

I need to animate but I'm just too tired.
Most of my projects are done but that animation. Feeling good about that.