Sunday, May 14, 2017

well, alright?

working on some goofy ideas.
Wanted to start doing stuff with phrases and what not.
I'm working on two ideas loosely right now. One is the above seen rough drawing of a goat who's "horny and lonely'
The other one is "Trade Paper Until You Die"

Anyways, I loved appropriating the satanic goat devil doing the shocker making a goofy goat face as my imagery.
I was streaming on Twitch and chatting up with my viewers while making this, taking suggestions and getting on the spot critiques.

I went through and drew this a couple of times to get kinks out and get a feel for a style I wanted.
I'm going to lay down all the flat colors and then do some details on top to bring it together.

Here's where we ended tonight.

I also showed off some of the progress on the TPUYD piece.
Just working on basic stuff on those ones, like style and colors.
They're coming together and I'm trying to produce more personal work instead of trying to do mash-ups and shit.
Getting ready to do Tucson Comic Con again in November.
Not sure how things are going to roll out but I might be getting some keychains or enamel pins.
Haven't quite figured it out yet.

Anyways, HI. Bye.
See you soon.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hey there, reader! How's it going for you? Is this just a stupid simple formality to engage you? Want to just get to the meat of it? Cool.

OK so I've messed around with the idea of mixing Splatoon and Jet Set Radio before but this time I've actually made the leap and did it.

Well, I decided to try out a couple of things but I settled on this rough idea and went with it. 

Hmm. Well, looking to make some keychains for maybe enamel pins?
I don't know. Pins can get pretty expensive quickly, so I'll have to do some more research and money saving.

I also worked on another mash up, Rick & Morty X Ren & Stimpy.
I didn't do progress shots of this one, I just kinda banged it out.