Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Holidays!

This is for everyone who can see it.
This holiday season I am unfortunately unable to get people gifts.
I figured I would give you something that the gift would give you regardless, and that's my love and friendship.
Have a happy holiday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the term relief.

Young Cowboy
Good Alien Cowboy

Bad Alien Cowboy

Young Cowboy Concept

Good Alien Cowboy Concept
Bad Alien Concept
3D Modeling NES Still Life
 There's two of my 5 finals.
I'm too embarrassed to show you my pre-production final. I feel like it's complete and utter shit.
You're lucky I'm even posting those character drawings for my Intro to Illustration class.
I have been feeling so incompetent lately.
I rewrote / added more stuff to Penny's Cube and the Creation Myth I wrote earlier.
I also drew some images to go along with them since it was a part of my final for Creative Writing.
My Animation Timing final is coming along well, almost finished.
3D was fun, I enjoyed the challenges of learning how to get to that point. I feel confident in my next terms classes like 3D II and Digital Environments.
This term was rough. Glad it's over.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


After doing some work in Maya, I produced these fine Nintendo related objects in my NES Still Life scene.
I hope I did them justice with the stuff that I learned this term. 

A Creation Story:
A tribe gathers around the big fire in the center of the camp. “We are the Zunkumi people.” This tribe, a minimalist tribe, survives by taking only what is needed and using everything to the fullest. They never waste a kill. Tonight they gather to listen to the Nahotu, or story teller.
The Nahotu sprinkles something over the fire, causing it to roar. He begins to speak as the flames start licking his arm intensely. He looks to the sky, his arms reach out to the stars. He begins to hum. A harsh rhythmic drum pluses as his hums stutter with each slam of the drum. The tribe begins to hum along too. As the tribe continues to hum he yells in his native tongue one word, “SAMBA!” He begins the story as the hums die down, the drum now a light patter. “We are thankful for the earth. We are thankful for the water. We are most thankful for the sky. They are the turtle, anaconda, and whale.” He says in his native tongue. “Long ago,” he pauses and waves his arms like the rolling tide. “The sun,”  he points up and pulls his arms wide, “and the moon,” he points down and pulls his arms inward, “danced around this rock we call home. Many a year they danced, never touching.” He balled up a fist and on his other hand he holds out one finger, as the fist chases his finger. “Never touching they dance. The sun, all powerful and immense, craved the moon. The moon was too shy, too innocent, hiding behind our rock. She always rejected him until one day they met and casted a small shadow on our rock.” He showed the fist towering over the index finger, he cupped his hands and did an exploding motion. “This interaction created the turtle.” He laid his hand flat with his thumb extended and put his other hand on top moving his thumbs. “The turtle wondered our rock, creating earth, soil.” he kneels down and picks up the dirt and sifts it through his hands. ”The sun, always desiring of the moon, chased and chased her, but she resisted like always, until one day our rock casted a shadow on her.” He showed his finger above a balled fist. “The sky filled with blue as the whale covered the rock in her glory. The whale gives us air we breathe and the beautiful skies.” His hands gesture like wind as he motions over his head. “The combination of the earth and sky birthed the anaconda. Long and winding. Like the rivers we drink from and use every day.” He pours out water onto the fire calming the flames, a low glow illuminates the tribe. “For all of these things we are thankful. Still the moon dances with the sun, always coy. When the moon casts her shadow on us, new things are born. A great day for all who live here! When we cast our shadow on the moon, we must be ready.”  The fire goes out as the tribe beings to hum again, the rhythmic pulse of the drum, fading away.

I'll post up my preproduction final when that's done, then show my other finals too. Jesus, final weeks of school suck the most when it's the most stressful. I'm hoping to get all my projects done this weekend so I can just coast and finish the term with minimal stress.