Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I am still alive!

Hello! I am still kicking, and making art.
It's definitely not as intense as it was when I was in school.
Having a job now kinda impairs a lot of my creativity.
I try my best to set aside time to do shit.
Here's what I did last week.

I'm working on some t's right now.
One that has to do with Awesomenauts, this Samus idea, a Cha-Cha and Kayamba design, and a Peco design.
Only roughs right now. I'll get them up here soon so you can see my progress.

I'm working on some Pokemon drawings as well.
Christmas presents, maybe? I dunno.

So as far as my life goes it's been pretty busy and eventful after college. I miss college every day. I loved the environment and how inspiring it was to be challenged on a daily basis to be better and to just be something.
In real life it's just not as cool.
Regardless I got a cool job doing one of the things I love the most, dealing with video games and electronics.
I also stream still, almost on a daily basis. I love the shit out of that. I'm currently working on my list of video games. I'll be putting together this list of playable games in my possession and then on stream we'll tear through them. I kinda like this idea of killing my game library. There's some titles I have that I've never even played. It'll be a fun take on getting that shit conquered.