Thursday, June 26, 2014


So after having some pretty hilarious conversations in Mumble with my FFXIV group... I became an idea thief and put together this T-
Now after some time working on it, I realized I just needed to keep it simple.
Here's what I got so far.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another one down.

Working on the errors of the Animal Crossing T right now, as well as designing the Titan Cereal Box at the moment. Just finished the Deviljho / Ibirujo T. Very satisfied with that one.
Feeling like I'm making good progress.
I actually might take this into photoshop and mess with giving it some kind of texture. We'll see what happens. I'm stoked to have the base layer done though. If anything at all this just may as well end up as the final product.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I realized I've been saying the same thing the last few posts, "I'm doing stuff."
Well let me get into more detail as to what I'm really doing. I mean I know I said I'm doing this, or doing that, but let's show you.

I have been working on an icon for me and my online name, Zachy Massacre.
So I have created a mash up of me and the Super Mario Bros 3 iconic image. You can see the old version in the previous post, here's a more recent, better version.

I had a silly idea while playing Animal Crossing and realized as Mayor of my beautiful town, I got 99 problems but a weed ain't one!  I thought it'd be clever to have a design that reflected that. Thus playing more with this idea of video game mash ups. I'm still not too sure / sold on this idea, so I'll just keep playing around with it.

I also was thinking about what else to do for designs and thought I would do a cool Deviljho shirt and combine it with a Godzilla feel to it. I hope to complete this sometime soon. This is a rough of what I'm working with so far.

Here's more stuff I'm working on. There's a game I am absolutely in love with, Final Fantsy XIV. And in this game I've been fighting a lot of iconic monsters from the series. I'm stuck on a particular boss and it made me think of a shirt that involves Titan. It's going to be like a cereal box.
It's in the rough stages right now and there's nothing really to show of that YET.

And that leaves my final design. I'm not too sure what it's going to be but it will more than likely have to do with my animated piece I'm working loosely on.

That leads me into talking about what I'm majoring in. Animation. Not design.
I just feel that making these designs is something I really like doing so why not do it?
But yeah, I'm not very strong in animating but I can do some voices and probably make some decent pencil tests / roughs, so why not?

That's what I want to have a showcase on.

I created a loose story of a Marshal in a little desert settlement. He keeps a close eye on things and makes sure to keep the peace. He also is keeping a dark, deep secret from everyone. Until one day his deputy learns his secret. Trust being broken they have to work together to overcome the challenge invading their little world.

So with this I'm going to do some voice acting, character designs for the Marshal, Deputy, some Bandits and Ruffians probably named The Bently Boys, some towns folk, and some rough pencil tests to my voice acting.

What this will show is:
I can create characters with appeal.
I can design them with a solid understanding of how they'll be animated. 
I can animate them. 
I can express emotion through animation. 
I can voice act. 
I can write, hopefully decently. 
I can create successful designs. 
I can create an identity.
I can successfully link these things together and make them mine.
I can be successful on my own.

So what's on the horizon?
I will be working on these designs more and more. I need to get that Titan rough done. I need to finish that Deviljho design. I need to get that Animal Crossing design reviewed and critiqued to see how I can improve it.
I need to design these cowboys and ruffians. I also need to write a script. Then I need to get in the booth and have some fun.
I will be working on the animation part hardcore for the last 5 weeks.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Status Update

Hey guys. I'm currently working on stuff that is going into my portfolio.
I've been making tshirt designs, working on some character designs, voices, and a script to do some voice acting and pencil tests, and my online portfolio / website. I have worked on an icon for myself and feel pretty good about it.
More stuff to come soon.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Working on stuff!

Hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys what's on the horizon.
I am working on completing some t-shirt designs for my portfolio.
I also am working on an online portfolio. It's not going to be the best thing, but it'll be something.
I have to compile a lot of the work I've done and put it together so it makes sense.
I am working on an Animal Crossing T, another Awesomenauts T, thinking of a Final Fantasy XIV T and another one I haven't conceived yet.
I have to get a voice acting reel going on and I'm thinking of doing some rough pencil tests with it to show I can animate too.