Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey there!
Let me update you guys on what's up with me.
After a lot of critique over the work I've been doing I found that a focus of mine should be more on the animation side of things. Since I've been interested in doing short animations I decided to do a piece that means a lot to me based off of a short story I wrote for creative writing.
The design work I have done seems disconnected because the two lines of work don't make sense to the instructor.
But in the online realm they are hand in hand. These animators are making t's with their cartoon designs and using sites like sharkrobot.com to sell them.
I'm not too far off the mark with my plan and who I want to be in the realm of animation.
So I'm going to focus on this little cartoon bit here until the end of the term.
I will highlight my design work somehow.
Gotta do this little thing and then figure out my demo reel.
Trying to find a place to work right now.
It's not going too well because of school. I'm pretty stressed out, trying to get shit sorted out so I can move out.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dealing with some issues!

Hey guys! I'm working on putting together a demo reel.
It's got all kinds of stuff in there.

Working on a little short animation.
A funny one about a gassy monk who is trying to achieve zen.
Then one that pokes fun at me and video games.

Working on getting two more shirt designs done.
A Brewster one from Animal Crossing.
And one I don't know about yet.

Working on getting a rendered picture of Marshal, Deputy J.R., The Secret.

Once that shit's done I can get started on doing my flatbook and everything'll be finished!

Something happened that really upset me though.
I recently submitted a written work to be published online.
After a while, an author to the site had omitted my name and put on theirs.
Needless to say I was scared and angry about this situation. Because, mainly, I've never dealt with this before. They attempted to steal my work.
Pretty nasty stuff, but I contacted them and it seems as though everything is resolved. Instead of being published with them any longer I just told them to remove my work because I refuse to have that happen to me again.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

5 weeks left.

 OK, so I finalized my Jho design. There it is. That's what'll be. On to the next stuff.
Some of the T's I wanted to do just aren't working out the way I had hoped. So I'm just going to have to drop them and think of other things. So far I only have 3 T's for portfolio. I wanted 4-5.
Working on the space western. Just getting out these ideas of design. So the first in light blue were the like, rough ideas and what's in my brain.  The dark blue is more of a focused thing. The Marshal, cleverly named Marshal was hurt by this 'secret' he's keeping from the town. Which is the focal point of his character. He's keeping this secret because he's scared of the damage it can do. He's felt it first hand. JR is a young man looking for something more to life than just this little settlement. He has a cybernetic eye that helps emphasize this. I want the designs to revolve around their one trait. The secret is something I want to be etheral, or ghostly. But also I want it to represent a kind of Eastern appeal. Like a samurai, or ninja. That way it can kind of play on samurai in the west.
I guess let me explain the story in better detail. Many years ago Marshal was hurt by this, thing... And he decided to build a settlement away from everything using technology. He resides in a dome that is programed to simulate a desert. He built old houses and what not to recreate a western town. He watches over the town with the help of his deputy J.R.. J.R. knows something more is out there than this 1 horse town. He wants more from life. He's tired of the Bently Boys running around and making trouble. J.R. suffers from big fish, little fishbowl syndrome. On a routine patrol on the outskirts J.R. sees a break in the wall of the dome, not realizing he lives in a dome. He sees the outside world and is assaulted by the secret. Everything J.R. believes is shattered and born anew with the idea that there is more to this world. He no longer trusts Marshal, but they have to work together to stop the secret.

I'll be fleshing out these characters more and more as the weeks pass. The idea is to have Marshal, J.R., Secret, some towns folk and the Bently Boys designed. I would like to have a background or two to give it a setting.
I will also try to work on 2 more designs for shirts.
One more thing! I'm going to record some stuff about video games and make a little voice reel with some pencil test animation. The idea is to do it kind of like a street interview. So I'll ask some questions and answer them in my silly voices and animate what those characters may look like to me.