Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More stuff in the rough..

I like it cause it rhymes.

I like these done rough. But I hope to have them pretty cleaned up by the time they're in flash / photoshop. I'm not sure a color scheme or style I want them in yet either. I want them to be pretty cool looking (doesn't any artist want that for their work?!) with a decent level of polish.

So this week I just kinda focused on the stuff I said I would do in college. I revisited some ideas I left behind from that time. I'm actually pretty happy with these roughs, but I gotta find a better pose or something with the panda. I'm not 100% on him yet. The zebra is dope tho!

On the horizon I hope to just clean them up and figure out how I'm going to put them on a t.
Feeling more and more productive with these Wednesday drawing sets.
I like being able to kinda sit down and separate myself from the bull shit that has been happening all year. It's good to be disconnected and reconnect to the person on the inside.
I feel like most days I'm going through the motions and it's mainly because people that are around me don't really get me.
I realized this the other day when I caught up with someone from school after a while of not seeing her. It's like- I'm not 100% understood with who's around me because they don't give me a chance.
Everyone has their guard up and no one takes me for me at face value.
I'm a hard worker, and when I'm passionate about something I do my best at it. I guess just not everyone see's that.
I'll leave you with this, this week: Do what you feel in your heart, because in the end the only person you have to answer to is yourself. I think I'd hate the fact that when I'm dying and I look back on my life and see risks I should have taken or things I didn't fully explore. Don't worry about being judged because everyone does it to you already, and when you're dead and gone it wont matter what you did or didn't do to those people. Work for yourself and make yourself better / happier / awesome. Don't let people take that away. Be yourself and just be happy.
It's what I'm trying to do. Been getting a lot of speed bumps this year, but I think it's because I'm on the right path.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


art related post here.

Lol just kidding. Hey guys what's up? I've been suffering from a sickness that has kept me pretty much operating at minimum capacity. I am getting back to normal slowly.
I've also been suffering from a garnishment and I'm glad to hear that today it's pretty much halfway paid off. I hope to resolve this issue when the balance gets lower. It's hard to be garnished and save money at the same time.
The stream is going really well lately, which is shocking. I didn't really think I'd be streaming still. I kinda did it for fun when I got started but now I kinda like it a lot. I think consistency is what attracts the viewers. So if I'm always on at the certain times they can always tune in to catch me.
I like that my stream is doing decent. It means I'm up to something.
I just did my 3rd 24 hour stream. I don't think I'll ever do another one again- We'll have to see. They are very demanding. Also, it's just hard to be entertaining for the majority of it.

I've been working on artwork today. I vowed that today would be execution.
So there was something I worked on for a bit. I think I need to do a bit more to it... I was satisfied with it earlier, but there's something missing. I do have text to go with it. Just didn't have enough time to complete it 100%.

Ok, so here's the other thing I'm working on. It's something that was inspired by a little card I saw. It was of a surfer guy looking out into the ocean. But I wanted to do this with Mario looking out to super mario world. So obviously Mario is missing, but I didn't have enough time to get him in there, which is awesome because I need to really simplify this image a lot.

So here's what I'm working on so far, obviously the two images above. A metroid / samus t which I have two ideas I'm working on with it. Another monster hunter t, which is still in the loose rough that involves the minions chacha and kiyamba.

 Keep an eye out for the shit.