Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stuff and THINGS!

 Alright, alright... OK! I get it.
I think I found something I am kind of passionate about.
I've been wanting to do street art and stuff a lot since I was younger, and I think I found a way to do it.
I always loved the stickers and characters I've seen in street art.
The USPS stickers colored with an intricate design and a cool character with the artists tagged name.
I was always attracted to spray paint and stencil art. I've made some stencils in the past but I'm interested in exploring this avenue with characters.
I wrote down things that are going around the internet that are popular.
Cats, Horses, Owls, Tigers, Bears, and other things, but the thing I liked the most were ghosts. So I figured I would try my hand at making a cool character ghost. I drew sharks and owls and other things but drawing the ghosts were more fun.
Thus PIZZA GHOST!!! was born. I was really fond of making him so I decided to make more. There's PEACE GHOSTS!!!
I'm working on CONTROLLER GHOST!!! as well as others.
I'm thinking about stickers and stuff, but I posted them on just about everything RedBubble has to offer. I'm just pushing the flat colors for now, black and white or black / transparent, just to get a good feel of a style. I would love it to grow into a popular icon like Buff Monster! He's got his little ice cream melty guys.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I did things!

Hey guys, look at some cool characters I did. I'm looking at just making stuff that I think is cool. So this was some stuff I thought would be cool. I really love the pizza ghost. That's definitely going to be on a t-shirt / stickers / stencil for spray painting.

Here's a simple Metroid piece I've been throwing around for many months. Finally sat down and gave it the treatment it deserved. I think it came out OK.