Monday, July 23, 2012

It's all about how hard you work.

Water color with ink.
The ink helps define edges and give it some darks.
I kinda like this more than my first two attempts.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just workin-

I did some cool sound edits today for an audio project. It's my final. I'll link it on youtube once it's done.
Earlier I tried another water color on that Hulk picture.

It's crazy how dark purple gets. I guess you use black as a gray.
I used purple for everything but the hair
I feel more confident using this medium. Now to learn some tricks and what not.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

100 XP Gained.

Let's see here... We've got a low relief I did in figure sculpture. Not too proud of it because It looks fucking weird in those pictures. It looks okay from one angle =b

Then we have my first attempt at water color. It's not as hard as I thought but I definitely need more practice with it. I like it so far.

And finally we have some figure drawing shit. Same pose 3 different angles.

Oh, and here's some reflecting on my gallery pieces...

It's crazy to think of how things end up working out.
This whole gallery thing started off with only just a handful of people but grew with complaining of not being wanted.
The whole thing ended up working out though.
I wasn't really nervous until we started just hanging out in the gallery. It quickly faded though when people started pouring in.
Now I look at it and I think my stuff was complete shit. I mean- I was no where near any one else...
I keep thinking that what I did with the time constraints was okay though. Just gotta keep moving forward and like I said earlier... This shit is just stepping stones.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well guys, as you can see, today was quite the marathon of work. Felt great to get everything done for the show. This is my space. Check it out! Look at my stencils and stuff! Came out pretty cool.
Snapped a pic of Kellen working hard on his last piece. My legs are so exhausted from all the walking, standing, and sitting. So much work went into getting everything ready today. It was overall pretty awesome.
I enjoyed this experience a lot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dont get hit by trucks

I speak from experience when I tell you it fucking sucks!
Forgot to take pictures of my progress on my painting. More to come.
Crazy thing happened today aside from almost being killed by a huge truck.
I got asked to actually do stuff for the show in Friday. Insane thing is though I have to get shit done tomorrow.
So these are going to get cut out and put up on the wall behind my two pieces.
It's gonna be cool. Plus... I'll be in the launch box gallery showing with my peers.
People I actually give a fuck about. =)
Feels good to be apart of that, whether or not it was intentional or just a form of pity.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey guys. Just doing work. Continuing off of that previous painting.
I like this character.
This piece is about, like an hour in or so. Just blocked in my colors and what not. I'll go in tomorrow and get some of the highlights and shadows resolved. Feeling good about this one.
The show is on friday and I'll have two pieces for it.
I hope people come through and respect the art.
I think this is the coolest showing so far, not to mention it's going on along side Adam Rex, Mike Nolan, and David something or other.
Tonight I'll have the stencil completed, as well as a few other ones for my N.E.S. urban art persona.

Not Entirely Serious.

Got some Pokemon fan art going on.
I know... Lame. But I really liked my soul silver game. More of that to come later. I work on it when I'm super bored.
Oh and there's a boat I started. From a photo ref.

Some stencils. I like the NES one.
Oh and I thought I elaborated on that character a bit but I guess not.
The gas masked ninja is Vincent.
He's a force of nature. Wrath. I guess.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a lil sweaty is all.

here are the reference shots I took for the painting I did. They're okay. =b
here's also, the name tag piece that I did for the show that's going up on the 13th.
I dig it. A lot.