Friday, June 29, 2012


I love that I got started painting today.
I'm already pretty far along with it.
I just don't like how small it is. It'll be a good accent to my final painting though.
Got a good start I think. Waiting for it to dry so that way I can throw in those highlights and shadows.
After that, it's stencil time for the face and bam. Done. =D

Oh, I forgot...

Roughs for my game that I'm slowly putting together. On the top you've got some like, enlarged views of what's on the bottom. So like the HQ, and stuff.
Over map, then zoomed in during battle. It lacks color but that's because I have to clean up everything in illustrator. Then I'll import to flash and color. Then we'll see about programing..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Slowly rolling.

Concept for my next painting. 9x12 landscape of a portrait. A kind of continuation of my final from Intro to Painting.
Except I'm not painting the head. I'm going to cut out a stencil and spray it on the canvas. Wish me luck. =)


So here we have my original first spray of my NES controller, and there we have my second spraying of it. I really need to work on not being so fucking nervous when spraying. I just get all fucking pumped up and get like, crazy. I love the feeling but I need to maintain control while spraying.
I vow to work on my overspray! Sorry for being so shitty about it. But respect the stencil!
More to come soon!
 Working on hands still in figure sculpture. Here was a two hour hand sculpture.

Hold that thought.

Well. Turns out being a man about things is the best course of action.

Rough comp for a painting I'm doing now. And I created a new stencil to throw up along with my other two now! Cool. Got 3 so far. Let's go spray one right now. Should be dead enough for me to get my controller up. It wasn't earlier when I went for a walk...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ramblings of a man wearing a gorilla mask...

Today was interesting. I spent about 30 mins wearing a gorilla mask.
Put things in perspective a little.
I need to do work. Big Black says it best with his slogan. DO WORK!
I keep thinking about Drama. Rob Dyrdek's cousin.. He's turned his life around from Rob and Big to Fantasy Factory.
In Rob and Big, he was an ugly awkward dude. Just like his brother Big Cat.
Now he's a man dime. And Rob helped him launch his Young and Reckless clothing line.
In America, it's our right to pursue our dreams. It's what we're founded on. But honestly, how can we?
Our country is so fucking stupid and only getting more stupid by the second.
I really fear for the human race as time progresses. Hopefully we get our shit together and understand that nothing lasts forever.
Anyways. Besides actually thinking, and being logical, I have been trying to do more work.
I was reading about how to sweeten an animation portfolio to get a job in the video game industry out of college. Now, to be honest, it's a bunch of the same shit you gotta do already. So I was like, huh, lame... But I'm lame for not even starting on something.
So far the only passion school has ignited for me is painting- which I've been slacking on- and urban art- which I haven't been slacking on. I'm going to make up, hopefully, two new stencils that are Nintendo related: Master sword from Legend of Zelda and the two boos from Super Mario World.
Just gotta put up the two that I already have... Do work!
Nolan has inspired me too with the same kind of slogan. Just do work! Make art. I can't stop but some times it's hard to get started. I mean I've been talking about making a flash game for like 3 or 4 terms now. I've been really behind on getting stuff done. I just need to sit down and actually do it. I'm sure once I get started I'll get in a groove and knock the majority of it out.

So in short, be more like Drama and become a man dime, get started on a cool business, do like Big Black says and DO WORK! As well as do what Nolan says and MAKE ART!
Now lets go vandalize...


Glad that break is coming up after class on Thursday. I am really looking forward to a week off of school. The thing is though, I really gotta step it up with the addition of two new classes. Bis Com and History of Comics. So I'll be packed with my audio projects AND my sculpting class.
On another note, here's some stuff I did.

Those are my characters made for Urban Art. Converted them to make t-shirts. They are on my RedBubble site. Oh, and the hand we sculpted today for figure sculpture...
Cool! I hope to have a picture of some urban art I put up earlier... We'll see...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Making shirts

Hey. I've updated my RedBubble with two new shirts. Pokemon related though.
I really like them. Hopefully they sell.

I'll be throwing up my face stencil around some places once I get some black spray paint.
In the meantime I'll be working on projects for school.
Hopefully I can get some more shirts up. I would love to start making some money off of them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Must move on.

I guess forging lasting relationships is really difficult.
There's only so much people are willing to put up with.
But I'm a loyal mother fucker. I always give everyone a chance.
It's when you're a bitch to me or an asshole where I start to reevaluate things, and if you're worthy I'll even consider a second chance. Which I've given people.
When you're fake to me after we pass that point it makes it worse. Like you're rubbing it in my face. I don't appreciate it at all.
I feel like I'm a hard worker. Maybe there are some people who can attest to that and confirm it. But I know in my heart that I work pretty hard. And that's what matters to me so fuck you. I don't need your validation. I'm resetting. I'm setting everything to zero and you mean nothing anymore. If you want this friendship then you're going to have to show me because I'm done.
I hate that feeling I get when I look at you. I well up with a bit of disgust. A feeling like, "Really? Great, better watch what I say and how I act..." A feeling like, "Fuck you-"
Ugh, fake people really upset me, especially when you looked up to them before learning how they really are.
I wish I knew what I did to make you act that way towards me.
But like I said, I'm resetting. Don't expect what we had before cause it's just not there anymore.

Okay, now that I feel a bit better, and vented out some frustrations that I just cant really talk about, I feel like I can do some good stuff.

Today was the last day on our bust in figure sculpture. Hope I did okay...
Tuesday is a test on the head bones and muscles. Hope I study.. =b
Gotta do some other drawings too...
I'm tearing up urban art. I'm gonna write a paper on BANKSY.
I'll post up my character who was inspired by my icon.
Its name is STIKI. I think he's great!
As far as my audio class goes I'm definitely learning a lot about sound. It's really crazy how much really goes into creating sound or even recording it.
I've had a lot of fun with that class so far. Not sure how I can get you guys to hear it.

Urban art has ignited a fire. I really like it and wish I was on board with it earlier on in my life.
Who says I cant get good at it now though? I need to get my pieces out there and seen. I love that feeling of fear while spraying my stencil.

I'm working on some tshirt designs too. Working on a cool Magikarp shirt that should sell, hopefully.
I'm gonna throw up those stickers of my icon and character on RedBubble and link it later so if you're interested you can purchase shirts or stickers.

Monday, June 18, 2012

is it ever gonna be enough?

Damn man... The more I think about it the more I can not rationalize a reason.
I hate it when my feelings get hurt unintentionally.
I thought I was on a different level. I guess I was, but not in a good way.
Sucks to be overlooked like that.

I can't pretend it didn't hurt my feelings, so I wont. The only thing I can do now is just move forward from it.
Say fuck it and use those emotions to create something.
Just sucks man- What did, or what didn't I do?
I'll never know...

Check out the icon I made for my Urban Art class.
He's pretty dope and the .ai file I created him in can change the colors easily. I'm liking the idea of slapping this guy around along with my stencil. This guy would be easier to get away with though. Slapping stickers is always faster and less conspicuous.

Haven't really done much of anything else other than some sound work for Audio Production.
Beat Fire Red in like 40 hours. Working on Emerald.