Monday, April 3, 2017

Throwin' Bombs

Been playing a lot of the new Legend of Zelda as of late. I guess you could tell, since it's affecting my artwork.
Here's a mash up of a Banksy piece and Link from the game.
This was my rough idea.
I know that the Banksy piece was cool because the guy was throwing flowers but he looked like a man in a riot. So it had a cool play on it.
But for some reason I wanted to just keep it uniform to the game.

I put link in the Sheikah Armor because it has a face cover and it has some cool identifying marks like the shoulder armor and the leg guards.

 So I spent some time cleaning it up and getting things together for it.

Go it all filled out and what not, made it look cool then started thinking about what color it should be on.

I then added some texture to it to make it feel like a spray painted item.

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