Sunday, April 28, 2013

The final stretch of Spring 2013!

Wow... It's all I can say.
I mean. I know that I've said in the past that I've learned a lot. But this term.. I just keep stacking and stacking more and more on top of the stuff stored in my brain. This school thing is pretty intense!
What's more insane is that hopefully this time next year I will be graduating. It looks like I can even complete my minor in illustration as well!
Seems as though my hard work the first two years of school has paid off and has allowed me to focus heavily on my senior classes with no interruption.

So as far as things have been:
I've been working on two character models, very slowly. The way we had to do it was come up with our concept drawings and get a design with much appeal. Then do orthographic views for them and work them a bit more. We then learned how to proxy model. After the proxy was made we tweaked our drawings a bit more to help with the modeling process. We then learned how to do basic box modeling to create a simple human mesh. From there we've learned a lot about topology and how to get forms to look great, as well as keeping them ready to animate so the riggers don't have such a hard time. We also learned a lot about UV mapping these types of characters.

     Winston T. Weatherbottom
A clown who is depressed. He's mentally challenged with the goal of finding his parents, who gave him up as a child. He became a clown in a traveling circus to help him get around to find them.
He doesn't like it very much. The only thing he loves is his teddy bear, Wuggles.


A bear from Russia. His main desire in life is to be the world champion wrestler. He goes along with the circus to challenge anyone who dares. He is trying to further his career by challenging everyone where the circus may end up.

Digital Environments
In this class we were given a theme: Romani Caravan
We had to do a lot of research to find out what it meant. We put ourselves in their shoes and tried to imagine life like a Gypsy. We agreed on an era, the mid 1800's, and all came up with an archetype we liked from fiction / non fiction.
I chose my hero.. Samus Aran. This made things interesting because at first I was trying to put her from the future into the past, and imagining all the tech she had and making it old. Which was cool. But I got carried away. I then just focused on the archetype she was and worked around that, which spawned a lot of great ideas for props and inspired the design of her caravan a lot.
I learned a lot and I'm sure I wish, to this day, that I would have taken this class later in my education because there was just so much to learn that stressed me out A LOT while trying to get things done.

Illustration Media
In this class I learned a lot about techniques that involved a lot of different media.

We did a scratch board piece.

A color theory piece.

A pastel piece.

A color pencil piece

And our final is a watercolor piece.

So keep an eye out for what my caravan looks like finished. I've been working with lighting. It's already different than those pictures I just posted. There will be a link to it on youtube, I'm sure, so that way I can show off what I did.
I will update what Winston and Yugo look like with colors and textures as well as I'll show you what my illustration final will be.
Thanks for taking time to check it out.