Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Covering ground quickly.

Hey guys! What's been going on?  Oh, me? Nothin'... Just painting a lot.
I've already completed 7 of my 20 portraits. On the break from school, comin' up here soon, I'll be painting one, twice a day. Probably get up to 30. Nolan should like that.  =b
Oh, and I've finally completed my first oil painting ever. I don't think the portraits count because they aren't on a canvas that I built just for painting on. They're on paper.. :3
I built that freaking canvas and I just want to admit how much I really fuckin' hate that painting.
First time using the Zorn pallet. Feeling overall satisfied with it but in all reality I fucking hate this painting.
I have to consider how much it's taught me about painting though. I feel like, I hate... HATE plastic baby doll parts. The monkey though, super successful. I rendered the fuck out of him to kinda take away from everything in the background. I'm proud of the monkey and the candle stick. And the cloth in the background... But... I abhor this painting.

I've been animating like crazy. I've conquered a walk, a run, an animal walk (dog), and a walk to a predefined sound effect. Still wayyy more to come before I'm done this term.

I've solidified Kodiak to a point. I've built his wire frame today in the hopes of making a successful maquette. So far so good. I've been so excited about bringing him to life. It's very... Rewarding.. Seeing all that hard work and development come to this.. It's awesome. I'll take a picture of his wire frame some time tomorrow. I'll probably have him all wrapped up in foil by the end of the day on Thursday. Then it'll be onto using the sculpey to model him out in. I've been thinking about the paneling and minor details I want on him so that way he'll look just that much cooler.

I'm digging this illustration history class too. It's really opened my eyes to how much America has grown from just wooden engravings to Pin-up art. So much stuff happened in between and it's sad that the golden age has already passed. A lot of the old illustrators were getting published at 16- 19. =O
I'm freakin' 26 and I'm barely scratching the surface of animation / illustration...

Aside from those four classes I really hate my comp II class. This teacher really needs to get his shit together as well as understand that no body at this school is there to get their degree in writing. I have contemplated creative writing as something to focus on but c'mon. This shit is frustrating.

Here's some picture progress: Hope you enjoy! 

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Portrait 7, 2 hours, Zorn, 02/28/2012

Monkey Still Life, First color painting, Zorn

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little quicky...

I'm trying not to post so often. I feel like it can be annoying.
So this one will be it for a while.
I'm throwing up some pictures of Kodiak.
My painting progress as well as two of my portraits so far. I plan on doing 30 by March 19th.
I hope to have a solid Kodiak color and design by Monday. A maquette will be built next week some time. I also learned that I will have to create Liam on my own time since the 2nd character we're developing is probably going to be Robin Hood themed. I'm excited about that but a little upset too because I really wanted to develop Liam on school time. It's cool though. It gives me time to create a story line for them.
Kodiak is a really cool machine. He's a robot that runs off grinding up minerals in his large arm.
How this works is, he is able to extend out a drill bit from the center of his large arm. He does this to drill out minerals and what not. Then, when he's ready he retracts the drill, reversing it. It creates a grinder inside the arm, much like a garbage disposal. He recharges and eats that way.
He has no mouth, so he's unable to speak. His emotions will be seen and felt through body language as well as his eyes.
Liam created him because he was tired of being alone. Liam commands Kodiak and he does as he's told.
Kodiak is a very curious robot.This gets him into trouble. It also pisses off Liam to no end. Liam is usually left with the clean up when Kodiak messes something up. But, it's nothing Liam can't handle since he's so smart.
There's more development to come. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Full steam ahead

Just uploading some progress I got with Kodiak, as well as my painting in my Intro class. Think I'm chugging along just fine.  GROSS, I can see all the errors I've made in my painting right now. As well as, the lighting in this photo is the light in which we are painting it in- The other pics were taken with the lights on... The colors aren't so muted.

Oh, I also got an A on that skull assignment. With only a few ways to improve on it, I was glad to receive it. It was mainly just not having a highlight on the head in the proper place as bright as the ones on the cheek bone as well as having a really muddy, blurry area in the cheek. It should be more sharp, and crisp.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


If only life didn't get so complicated as you got older. I remember as a kid feeling like I'd live forever. Like, there was everything to learn and everything was so simple.

Here's some developmental stuff for Kodiak. I think I like the little kid drawing. That may end up being Liam. Or at least the start to him.

Also, here's some progress on my painting. I guess it's going along nicely, according to the instructor. Cool-

 Well. Take it easy I guess.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Interesting start.

Hey guys! What's up?
I'm heading into the 5th week of school. Very excited because this term has been so much fun.
Kodiak and Liam are developing pretty well. I haven't really developed Liam too much because I feel like I can do that some other time. As for Kodiak... I think he's doing really well. I'm using him for my character development class. He's been growing and changing just about every day.

I am working on my second painting right now. I felt really successful on my first ever oil painting, which is the one with the skull... The instructor really makes that class. He's a freakin' champ.
Time is flying by. It's unreal how quickly things happen.
Also, check out this link. I'm still working on this walk cycle but it's something...
More updates to come-