Sunday, October 14, 2012


A new one that'll finish my poetry portfolio for Creative Writing.  

You are only as sick as your secrets.

You are only as sick as your secrets.
Those deep thoughts that are only thought.

Never said.

Just hanging around on heavy hangers in your dark drawer of a mind.
Only you open the drawer.

Those thoughts...

Dried out and smelling of dust... Age...

You’re only as sick as your secrets.

These secrets, no one dares hear them.
All of those seconds spent- adding up to minutes- piling into hours-

Hours spent shuffling through the drawer.
Adding new slips of secrets to the pile.

You’re only as sick as these secrets.

They do it all the same. Everyone has their own drawer.

They’re only as sick as their secrets.

I sit in my dark drawer, lost in it all.
We’re only human. Wanting everything but sharing nothing.

You’re only as sick as your secrets.

Grab the trash bin.
Time to clean up. Clean house.

Renew- Regrow- Share- Feel something new.

A forgotten ritual

You’re only as sick as those secrets.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

S'more writings

Here are some revisions that I did to some poetry.
A generator firing on all cylinders grinds to a halt, sporadically
As the power slowly fades all the lights go dark, systematically

You sink into darkness in your little room. Fear grips you, unrelentingly
Will you ever get out of this? In the darkness you wait, helplessly

Here's one called
A solid quest to find Mii
Swinging and blocking blows.
Shouting and casting spells.

Her shield, heavy.
Her sword, even more heavy.

Her mind, tired.
Her voice, even more tired.

Poison, fire, icy and jynx
Deeper and deeper our hero sinks.

Clangs of claw and steel is all she hears.
Can this hero dispel the realm's fears?

Through all the rooms in search of the king,
The hero is true, her final blow rings.

Saved all the land, and did all she can.
Resting in peace, this journey had ceased.

The room has gone dark, but she hears one last hark.
Come find me again, but this time bring friends!

Here's a piece called,
My best friend, CUPID.
Fool, you inconsiderate FOOL!
Don't you see where you're aiming!?  You've hit me many times.

I yank your arrows from me, angrily.
Your aim is not TRUE.
You must have missed because this is not right.

Our friendship is bullshit!
You're a shitty wing man.
How do they confuse you with love?

Bombarding me- repeatedly, forcefully!
These wounds hound me.

"Love" they call you!? This is trash!
More like desire, and lust.

My heart- so jaded and broken already
Fucking asshole! Why do you skew my vision?

You are ruining my perception of happiness.
Love and affection? More like lies and deceit.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Being human. Learning.
We are here for something.
That something is to learn.
To be human is to suffer.
Humans are the only things in this Universe that can comprehend this feeling.
Reflect on it. Learn from it.
We learn here, on Earth, that life is a struggle. A battle between the smiles and the frowns.
We must learn to suffer, and see the joy of life that sparks through it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I got a lot of positive feedback from my poetry. I hear that there's a lot of, feeling, and emotion in my work. Which is great. I just need to invest in a thesaurus so I can play with that lyrical imagery.

Here's some stuff that I've done since.

 Here's a blues poem. Feel the beat.
I can't help but think. I can't help but think.
What my life could have been, without you around.

I can't help but wonder. I can't help but wonder.
Could I or would I, be as strong today?

You made my life so hard. You made my life so hard.
I can't help but think. I can't help but wonder.
Where I'd be, without that life.

You made mylife so hard. I can't help but wonder.
Who I'd be right now.

Here's some others:
Roaring through, crashing along
Existing for something but just staying busy
All meet their end, no way is wrong
Lashing, breaking, strong or fuzzy
Illusions cover us, but which way is right?
Tough is the choice to continue
Yearning for answers but search within you.

This one describes a tough spot in my life-
My hunger builds as I crave
     I must be strong and power through
     'Lest my actions sweep over you
I am this feelings slave

My desire is to taste your flavor
     My bodies functions power down
     As the tings I crave crowd around
With in my mind, emotions waiver

It's driving me so crazy... It's in my dreams
Instead.. I'll just be lazy. I'm hungry, or so it seems.

I'll have my two revisions up once I get them back next week.
Here's some reflecting on stuff:
Wearing masks... Changing your face frequently-
Who are you really? You think you know. But you're a LIAR.
I don't have to lie. I wear the same mask.
The one I was born with and grew into.
For once just take off your mask and feel your lies, FEEL IT. Revel in it. Relish it.
Because it's all YOU.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The first half of my creative writing class is about poetry.
We'll get into stories after the halfway mark.
Here's some of the stuff I've written.
I hope you enjoy it.

Here's a quick like, writing thing we did for our first class. I think our instructor wanted to gauge our writing skills.

Loud echoing footsteps fill the halls, but as we approach a side room section off by hanging cloth, we hear the sound of strings being played. I say we because you are here with me- not literally, but hopefully you understand. The strings remind me of a play I saw recently, "The Lonely Violin."
Ah, my mind waivers, that's a different story for another time. I must remember I'm here for what's mine. I open the cloth and scan the room. A gasp of terror is heard. The sound of the strings stops as I draw closer. Drunk again, as usual, opiates too, undoubtedly, poor child. Not my responsibility... My eyes catch a flicker from the outside. The smell of the countryside is delightful, but I'd much rather enjoy the taste of their fear. Long have I waited for this day. I take back what's mine. I draw my pistol and place it on the table. She knows I mean business. She clutches the child, like a shield. As if that'll help. More reason why I pity the child. I rustle around her drawers, keeping my eyes locked on hers. Ah, at last! My stone! As I pick it up and look at it, she shrieks. I snatch my pistol. My precious stone. it's all I need. I can finish what I started, but as for the girl... Punishment doesn't seem right. I clench the stone as the countryside breeze hits me. I draw a dagger. Let's make this more personal.

This one is called rain.
A love hate relationship between you and I.
How I love your smell and appreciate everything you do but hate your touch.
You tease me with your beauty. Soak me with your sorrow.
your sounds are so sweet, but you bring me down.
Riding my bike with you gives me cold feet.

This one is called Deviljho.
Tall and magificent you stand above all
OH JHO, you King of Kings
Swipe blindly with your reckless elegance
Your scales emanating your pulsing dragon rage
Hunger is all you know
Fee among everything until there is no more, you world eater
You King of Kings
Your green scales and yellow spikes heavy with drool
I will conquer you, hammer in hand I charge forward

This one is a poem that had to describe myself as an animal.
Stalwart like a turtle I stride, slowly towards my goals.
As a tortoise survives the harsh deserts I too survive my challenges
Endurace is my middle name
Like a turtle withdraws his head from conflict,
and waits it out in his protected fortress of solitude,
I too find myself withdrawing mentally, the same way

This one was a prose piece that turned into a poem.  You'll see...
A worn hero charges forward. Weary from fighting a long battle.
Paths lain with ghouls, ghosts, slime creatures, mummies, and mage skeletons were her challenges until now.
Her shield, heavy. Her sword, even more heavy.
Her mind, tired. Her voice, even more tired.
Swinging and blocking blows.
Shouting and casting spells.
This is it. Time to focus and do what destiny has put before you.
Clangs of claw and steel is all you hear
Can this hero dispel the worlds fear

Some reflections on death.
A haiku, even though it's not weather related.
Please don't forget me
I have done so much for you
Escape into nothing

A reflection on death:
   For all the things I'll ever be, dead will be the best one, 'cause I'll be that the longest.

Another reflection:
Not living your life is like being dead already.
Please, for the sake of EVERYTHING-
Don't stress, just act and react.
Let your heart live to ease your mind.

More reflecting on death.
A generator firing on all cylinders grinds to a halt
as the power slowly fades all the lights go dark, systematically

You sink into darkness in your little room. Fear grips you.
Will you ever get out of this?

Here's a reflection on some feelings I have. It's still kind of personal but I don't mind sharing it here.
A budding plant with many branches
So tall you grow

I wish to climb you, explore every branch
I imagine your fruit is sweet

Some branches scratch
Some break easily
But I'll care for you regardless.

I know it's not the art you want to see, but this is what I have for now.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Look. I know I said that I'd post up some art here in a bit, but I lied.
I'm so lazy right now. I have to scan my sketch book and stuff that I've done so far so that way you guys can see how shitty I've been doing.

But it's just hard to do it.
I'll probably post some of my poetry here too. Why not? It's a good creative outlet.

So, here to some work being posted.... Soon... Hopefully...