Thursday, July 13, 2017

Toy Like People Make Me Boy Like.

Hey guys. Been battling a personal wall that I built up a long time ago. Finally got it to where I can see the light through it.
I've been really critical about how others perceive me and it's been hurting me a lot. It's because when I was growing up I was always told I was a piece of shit and I'm worthless. So I always had this thing in the back of my head that I should be a better example and stuff, but honestly I think me trying to be cool with everyone has put a damper on everything. Stifling myself to appease the others.
It's honestly liberating to let go of how people see me. I can't give myself up for others anymore, especially when they don't give a shit about me to begin with.
I was giving too much power to people who don't care.
I care too much about the wrong thing. So I figured it out. I gotta focus on the ZECH. Not the cunt who hates their life trying to bring people down around them because they can't check their baggage before they come to work.
I have been at peace these last few days because of this realization.
Working for myself and my self peace has been nice.
Internal zen.

Anyways. Check out some stuff I haven't posted.

Something magical and it's been on my mind a lot.
I've been spending a lot of time learning about myself and my emotions lately.
I'm a fucking wreck. Haha!

Get that on cool merch here !

Also, something that I'm not too satisfied with but I made it.


I like the skulls and the money, but I dunno. I wanna mess around with the type and text more. Not sure when I'll get around to it.

Rough idea for a cross over. Samus / Metroid with the classic Offspring album cover.
That's just a rough drawing so I'll have to take some time to clean the shit up and get it to pro status.

Working on a sad robot too. More progress coming soon.

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