Thursday, March 23, 2017

Still Pushing and Pulling.

Hey guys, what's up?
I realize it might have been some time since my last post.
Just reminding you that I'm alive and that this is still a good space to see me do stuff.

I have been playing the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
It's a great open world game where you can do anything your heart desires.
You basically just run around and find stuff, kill stuff, cook stuff and fight for your life in the harsh cold, heat, or monster dens.
While exploring you find these little forest spirits called Koroks.
They give you seeds for finding them.
You use seeds to upgrade your inventory.
They are super helpful and have you solve little puzzles to unlock them.
Here's a pattern I wanted to make using them!

Alright, so there was my rough idea- Just the basic outline and shapes of the spirits and a seed, and I just wanted to see how they'd work together in a pattern. 

I arranged them together in a way that I thought would look cool, then figured out how I wanted the seeds to be placed. 

Here's the basic coloring and placement that I liked!

I then just threw it out in a pattern to see how it works out visually.
I liked it enough to keep going! 

I cleaned up the line work, then added some details that made it a bit more interesting.

Cleaning up the colors then going on top and adding some of the leaves details and shadows. 

I added the spirits faces and mouths, then added a little light detail to make them interesting to look at. Then just finished up the design, slapping it on stuff for RedBubble.

Check out the stuff you can get the design on " here "

I am particularly fond the of the design on a clock! But it looks great on leggings and the other stuff I put it on!

Oh, yeah check out this other design I did too.
It's a mash up of Pin Head, from Hell Raiser and a Mr. Meseeks, from Rick & Morty!

Check out the t-shirts and stuff " here "

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