Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hey there, reader! How's it going for you? Is this just a stupid simple formality to engage you? Want to just get to the meat of it? Cool.

OK so I've messed around with the idea of mixing Splatoon and Jet Set Radio before but this time I've actually made the leap and did it.

Well, I decided to try out a couple of things but I settled on this rough idea and went with it. 

Hmm. Well, looking to make some keychains for maybe enamel pins?
I don't know. Pins can get pretty expensive quickly, so I'll have to do some more research and money saving.

I also worked on another mash up, Rick & Morty X Ren & Stimpy.
I didn't do progress shots of this one, I just kinda banged it out.

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